Trou Aux Biches Restaurants, Mauritius

Trou Aux Biches Restaurants

Luxury is synonymous with Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa, a five-star hotel in Mauritius, where elegance, privacy, space and authenticity set the tone. With its romantic atmosphere, Trou aux Biches provides the idyllic setting you have been dreaming of for your perfect wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius. A flawless beach and glistening lagoon complemented by vivid sunsets are some of the hotel’s trademarks.


Trou Aux Biches Restaurants beach, Mauritius

At the Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa every meal is reason to celebrate. We have enjoyed eating in all the restaurants and can honestly say that the food is superb!

Trou Aux Biches restaurant food, Mauritius


L’Oasis is the main restaurant of Trou aux Biches and has its own bar. Built on the edge of the pool with views of the sea, this relaxed restaurant invites you to make your choice from an array of mouth-watering dishes offered at the buffets.

La Caravelle

Elegantly designed, La Caravelle restaurant overlooks the beach and lagoon. Edged with reflecting ponds and equipped with an inviting bar, the restaurant features a spacious interior leading out onto a large open-air terrace. A main feature of the restaurant is its beautiful buffet area with cooking stations dedicated to live cooking.

Le Deck

As its name implies, Le Deck is located metres from the sea and consists of a spacious wooden terrace looking out to the sea. The casual décor proves the perfect complement to the simple cuisine.

Blue Ginger

The Thai restaurant reveals its eastern culture whispering a Zen atmosphere. Open only in the evenings, the restaurant is surrounded by beautiful slate-tiled pools set ablaze with reflections of lights on the water. Set behind a large bay window, the spacious and modern open-plan kitchen acts like a stage where the Chef is the main performer.


Namasté. Welcome to the Mayiha, the Indian restaurant. Here, each detail is part of a larger plan designed to turn your evening into a culinary journey. The architecture and décor evoke a typical Indian palace. Upon arrival, women are offered the bindi, a traditional jewel which is placed on the forehead as part of the Indian tradition. Dine to the sound of the cithara and sample delicacies served in traditional Indian dishes.

Il Corallo

Bringing the Mediterranean to Mauritius is Il Corallo which shares its spectacular location with La Caravelle and overlooks the beach. The restaurant’s general layout and elegant furniture convey a sense of intimacy. Il Corallo has its own wine-cellar accessible by stepping stones set across the water. It specializes in traditional Italian recipes with pasta as a staple ingredient.

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